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Kaine McNamara: Sri Lanka and International Business

SME finance Group is very proud of Kaine McNamara, an Associate of the SME Mortgage Department for the successful completion of his study exchange program in Sri Lanka.

Kaine feels the international study program has been an excellent opportunity for him to witness life and learning in another country. Kaine has been fortunate to receive this opportunity as he has gained experience and maturity through the challenges he faced on exchange which took him out of familiar surroundings and “comfort zone”.

Here is how he describes his experience - 

"I was fortunate enough to be selected to embark on a study program in Sri Lanka early 2018. Studies were conducted by Monash University in conjunction with the University of Sri Jayewardenepura who were incredibly hospitable. 

The International Business study tour primarily focused on industries in developing nations capturing more significant amounts of the value chain. I specialised in both the Sri Lankan rubber and tea industries, along with a focus on high value added and complex manufacturing in my studies.  

Exposed to the unique challenges faced by SME’s in developing nations (which not so surprisingly face similar challenges to those in Australia), operating in a financial system that is far less sophisticated than Australia’s where issues such as capital structure and cash flow requirements are at the forefront of daily management decision making.

Fortunate to meet a wide range of key management from a micro-business and producer of copper statues, all the way through to CEO and founder of Dilmah tea Merrill J. Fernando. An individual who pioneered a business model that has inspired corporate responsibility and customer focus the world over, albeit operating in a country where exploitation and focusing solely on the bottom line was once the norm.   

I was left under the impression that for a business model to be successful in a developing country, it must develop a competitive advantage primarily in quality and not be solely reliant on price. Of which Sri Lanka is more than capable of doing. 

I am looking forward to use my experiences and apply my learnings at SME Finance Group." - Kaine McNamara.


SME Blog & News

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