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Rental Purchase Options (RPO)

An RPO is a flexible rental agreement with an option to exercise the purchase of the rented equipment upon the completion of an agreed minimum rental term. SME Finance Group has a new RPO product offering available for either new or used equipment where the equipment can be purchased typically after 12 months, and up to 80% of the rentals paid will be rebated to the purchase price.

An RPO  is the ideal plan for those who don’t want to purchase equipment outright due to concerns about technological change, indefinite project periods, tight cash flow or a host of other reasons, though you may have a need to purchase the equipment at some time in the future. This makes RPO the most flexible plan of its type in the market.

An RPO can be turned around quickly with the customer approval process being typically completed within 48 hours, and in most cases, equipment will be delivered within a further 48 hours. Additionally, during the rental period the equipment is subject to all the positive benefits of rental as for any other rented item. Should you decide not to exercise the purchase option the rental can simply be extended month by month to suit your particular circumstances. 

If this product would be of benefit to your business please contact Ken McLean on 0417 537 891 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


SME Blog & News

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