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Novated Leasing is a term or concept that many may be familiar with but may have found confusing.  Recent changes to FBT rules and innovation through automated systems means a Novated Lease is the easiest and most practical way for all employees at all levels any types of work, to save thousands of dollars by making a smart decision when buying your next car. 

Let’s clear up a few myths! 


A Novated Lease helps you to get into the car of your choice and save. Whether it’s a new, used or even your existing car, a Novated Lease is the most effective way to save thousands of dollars, all by driving your own car. Not only you save on the cost of your car, you also save on tax, servicing, fuel and more!  


  1. The employer or employee has to pay FBT. 
  2. You have to drive a minimum number of km’s per annum. 
  3. You have to drive your car for work to qualify. 
  4. A Novated Lease is an administrative burden. 
  5. The employer is liable if the employee leaves. 

Each of the above myths are incorrect. FBT rules have been streamlined and made simple so that all employees can benefit. Most if not all process are now fully automated including HR and Payroll. Full training and support is provided. 

 What’s in it for the Employer? 

  1. Staff Retention - Attract and retain valuable staff by adding value to the employees’ remuneration package. Let your employees maximise their salary benefits, all while accessing potential tax benefits and cost savings for your business.
  2. Managing FBT - Any FBT liability is offset by the employee post-tax contribution. No liability for the employer exists. 
  3. Easy Management - Back office administration including HR and Payroll is automated and managed for you, including preparing annual FBT Reporting which is all prepared of the employer. 

What’s in it for the Employee? 

  1. Save on Tax and Costs - Reduce your taxable income by paying for your car of choice in a smarter way.  
  2. GST Savings - You DO NOT pay GST on the purchase price of the car and on all running costs. This equates to a saving of 10% on all expenses.  
  3. Fleet Discounts - Save thousands by taking advantage of SME’s significant Fleet discounts. 
  4. One easy payment - Budget for ongoing costs by packaging your vehicle’s running costs including fuel, registration, maintenance costs, servicing, insurance etc. 
  5. Choice – The employee has complete autonomy to choose whichever vehicle they want. 
  6. Ownership - The vehicle is the property of the driver therefore so there are no restrictions on when or where it can be driven or who can drive it. 

 How does it work? 

  1. Contact SME Finance Group (SME) to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. 
  2. Select your car(s) of choice for us to arrange test drives. 
  3. Request an obligation free quote(s) for your consideration – receive guidance and an explanation regarding your quote(s) and compare this to the tradition way of financing your car and managing all associated expenses i.e. registration, insurance, fuel etc.  
  4. Once you decide to go ahead, a final quote for your approval is prepared including sourcing best available price for your car of choice. 
  5. Once approved, approval from HR is sought and payroll calculations are prepared on your behalf. 
  6. Arrangements confirmed for the delivery of your car to your most convenient location. 
  7. All car related expenses running costs are deducted from your salary in one easy payment. 

For more information, please speak to SME Finance Group on  03 8825 8888, or  

Call Richard Cholewick directly on 0424 919 191  for any questions. 

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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